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MPRS is the only community paranormal group in Minnesota that is an open group for paranormal enthusiasts. There are many members of MPRS who are also members of other paranormal groups or have their own team. MPRS strives to be an organization where people can meet others with like minded interests.

Throughout the year, MPRS hosts a multitude of events that bring the paranormal community together. Events such as outdoor investigations, historic walking tours, camping weekends, community ed classes, paranormal expos, and other social events are ways MPRS brings people together. We partner with local businesses to bring fun and informative events to their location  and MPRS is seen at expos around Minnesota, reaching out to those who have questions about all things paranormal.


From social acquaintances to deep friendships, relationships of all kinds have all been formed through the MPRS community. It is a place many have met like-minded individuals who share the same interest and have helped grow our social community to over 1600 members.

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