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Our investigations always include people from various backgrounds. Each team always includes investigators that are experienced, curious, interested in history, skeptical which provides a well rounded mix and brings many layers to each investigation. We even include investigators who are experienced with HVAC, boilers, electrical, modern technology, and plumbing to give a well rounded look at anything that could be contributing to unusual activity. Our goal is to help all people (and spirits) involved when we are called to a location that claims to have paranormal activity. MPRS will bring a positive resolution to those living with the uncertainty or fear involved after being on the receiving end of possible hauntings.


Our solid team of investigators first look to debunk activity; we don't go in with the attitude of proving a location is "haunted". We first look at alternate sources (electrical, plumbing, etc.) to try and find logical explanations for the activity. When we have gone through our list and the activity can still not be explained, we use our equipment to find out the remaining source for the activity.

If the activity appears to be paranormal, our team is well equipped from years of experience and working with thousands of people to determine the safest and swiftest course of action to remove the source of activity.

There is no cost in contacting MPRS to come out for an investigation. MPRS has investigated across Minnesota, the Midwest, and has partnered with teams across the country. Depending on the location, MPRS may call in outside resources or other teams that are closer in proximity to the location of the activity.

It is recommended that counseling, therapy, and other healing modalities be a part of a complete recovery process when dealing with any traumatic event. Consult your medical practitioner for advice and guidance on your journey of healing.

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