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MPRS holds monthly meetups which provide a fun and safe environment to explore the paranormal experiences people can encounter in their day to day lives. Not everyone has friends or family who they can talk to about the paranormal or experiences they have had in their childhood or even current happenings. Some people haven't had their own experiences but are interested in the paranormal and looking for like-minded folks. We have a fair share of skeptics in the group as well! We welcome everyone as long as they bring an open mind and can accept others may have a different perspective. 

MPRS is a "Society" and gaining new members every day that are interested in all things paranormal. To get more people involved, MPRS hosts larger events on a regular basis. Group outings to haunted locations, paranormal camping weekends or social mixers, we keep it different and entertaining and this gives people an opportunity to meet other paranormal enthusiasts.

Anyone can join and check out the upcoming events through this link

We hope to see you at an event!

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